All prices listed are USD, with all ordering done through my page on Artistree.ioMy order page will list which commission types I am currently open for, so check back often!


- Furries
- All races, genders, sexualities, and body types
- Self-inserts/OCs
- Fanart


- Mechs
- Overly detailed characters
- Large groups of characters (more than 5)


- Requests to change my drawing style
- Extremely short deadlines or other tight requirements
- Special projects: If it's not a listed comm type here, it won't be considered. Sorry!

If you're not sure if your subject matter is okay, feel free to reach out and ask me!Please ensure all inquiries fit into one of the below commission types. Special projects will not be considered.

Sketches - $25

- 1 character
- Regular sketch with monochrome shading, or simple color
- Any size (bust/full body/etc)
- +$10 per additional character

Sketch Page - $40

-1 color sketch + 3 simple sketches
-All sketches will be of the same character
-Main sketch can be any size (bust/waist up/fullbody/etc)
-The 3 bonus sketches can be waist up or smaller

Icons - $35

- Character or logo
- Regular or lineless style
- $45 for 2 matching/couple's icon sets

Chibi - $35

- 1 character, no background
- Digital only
- Regular or lineless style

Full Digital Illustration - $70

- 1 character + background/pattern
- Cel-shaded or fully rendered style
- Any size (bust/full body/etc)
- +$20 per extra character

Ref Sheets - $150

- 3-view body reference + 1 Detail Slot
- 2-view body reference + 2 Detail Slots
Also Includes
- Character description
- Color palette
- Custom color/pattern theme for your ref sheet
- +$10 per extra item/view/pose

Badges - $40

- Digital or traditional style
- Free printing for digital style
- Postage fees included!

Ordering TBD - currently conventions only

about me

Who are you?

You can call me Aki! I love robots, video games, furries, obnoxious colors, 80s and 90s aesthetics, and hot anime characters. I am a 30+ year old trans guy living in the American Midwest with my partner and pets. I lurk in a lot of different fandoms, so feel free to chat me up on social media if you see me posting about one that interests you!

How long have you been drawing?

My whole life, but I've been doing commissions and selling at conventions for over 10 years.

Will you draw ___?

If the subject matter hasn't already been addressed in my yes/no section, the answer is maybe. I will be straightforward if something is out of my comfort zone or realm of expertise, but there is absolutely no judgment towards you and your tastes. In other words, just ask!In regards to different commission types, what you see is what you get. If you're looking for something like comic pages, streamer packs, or painting a mural on your best friend's cousin's house, I encourage you to find another artist who specializes in those areas. While I am always learning and challenging myself via personal projects, my comm tiers are specifically tailored to the types of pieces I know I can complete to the best of my ability for you.

Do you do trades/requests?

I do not accept requests and I prefer to do trades with mutuals/friends. I occasionally post art memes and such where I will ask for prompts, so keep an eye out on my socials to participate in those.

I saw you have 18+ art. What's up with that?

While I'm still developing my style for adult work, I do like to showcase my completed pieces and offer commissions in this genre. I keep separate galleries and accounts for this purpose. All 18+ work is readily accessible to those who want (and are of legal age) to engage with that content. I firmly believe in sex positivity and adult subject matter as valid art forms, and do not tolerate those who look to shame creators for embracing and exploring these topics.


Below is a copy of the full TOS for all of my commission work.
Information about, and how it protects both artists and you as a client can be found here

Deadlines and Turnaround
The commission client will be given an expected turnaround upon acceptance of their commission request, with any updates to this turnaround communicated at each phase. Please be advised that all estimates given will be honored to the best ability, and the artist reserves the right to change the current time frame should any extenuating circumstances arise. The client will be given notice to any changes via the provided means of contact and on
Should the client require a specific deadline for their commission, it is their responsibility to communicate this need to the artist. Deadlines must be communicated on the order form before any work begins or payment is sent. All order forms will list guidelines with the shortest available deadlines for any given commission type.
Commission Process and Revisions
The client will be provided with regular updates at each phase of the commission:
Phase 1.) Initial Sketch
Phase 2.) Linework
Phase 3.) Base Colors
Phase 4.) Final Review
Sketch commissions will be completed in one (1) phase with the option to request up to two (2) revisions once presented for review. Revisions may be requested on all other commission types at each phase when presented for review, with the number of revisions limited to two (2) per phase. Exceptions may be honored in the event of more complex subject matter at the artist’s discretion. Requests should be limited to that phase, and not require excessive redrawing/backtracking in later phases (ex. requesting new poses after the artist has already moved on to base colors).
Any technical errors or errors of omission can and will be rectified at any phase (ex. forgetting a key element of a character’s design). All phase updates and WIP images will be sent via
Revisions will no longer be accepted or honored once the Final Review phase has passed and the final work has been completed and sent.
Sharing and Posting
Once completed, a high-res file of the commission will be sent to the client for personal use and sharing. The completed work may be posted by the client, or their intended recipient should the work be a gift for another party, to any websites or social media outlets. Projects ordered under the pretense of personal use may not be used commercially.
Credit must be given to the artist on any website/social media posts, and may not be presented or modified in any way to inform or suggest the work was created by any party other than the artist.
Any alteration of the work, especially alterations done to disparage the artist, promote any form of hate speech, or contradict any of these TOS policies, is not permitted. Should a censored or alternate version of a finished project be needed, please contact the artist to discuss.
The artist also reserves the right to post the work for promotional and sharing purposes via their own website/social media channels. The client will be "tagged" via each respective posting format, with credits given for their characters and/or ideas in the finished work if applicable. Should the client wish to remain anonymous or not have the work shared publicly, it is their responsibility to inform the artist during the commission process.
Adult Artwork
By submitting a commission order request for adult-oriented artwork, the client is LEGALLY ACKNOWLEDGING they are at least 18 years of age or older. The client agrees to follow any and all community guidelines for sharing the finished work on their respective websites or social media of choice. Censored versions of the completed work can be provided by the artist by request.
The artist reserves the right to refuse any subject matter on the grounds of personal or moral discomfort.
Cancellation and Refunds
Cancellation of a commission with full refund is permitted up to the initial sketch phase, before any work has been completed by the artist. After this point, cancellation fees will amount to 50% of the full order price by default. The refund percentage may change if substantial work has been done on a more complex piece, and will be communicated to the client at the time of cancellation.
Refunds will be processed at the time of receipt by the artist, after any necessary deductions are made for work already completed. Clients will receive a notice once a refund has been filed, and thereafter should defer to communications sent by regarding the time and method of which the refund is processed.
***The artist reserves the right to cancel the commission process at any point with no, or partial, refund if the client is in breach of any of the policies listed in this document. Further action may also be taken depending on the severity of breach, up to and including blacklisting the client from requesting future projects. Grounds for cancellation include but are not limited to:
-Unrealistic and/or previously undisclosed deadlines
-Excessive revision demands
-Failure to adhere to posting rules, including any blatant disrespect to the completed work
-Any and all forms of harassment directed towards the artist***


Please use the below form for any additional questions you may have before ordering.
Requests for unlisted commission types, off-topic discussion, or inquiries on next slot openings will not be answered.
Be sure to check my commission page for a quick list of will/won't draws before inquiring.